My entire family gets treated by Dr.Schroeder. We completely trust her with our body care and love her holistic approach to care. My youngest daughter is a soccer player and always has some sort of twerk that Dr. Schroeder treats seamlessly! We love going to the chiropractor now because we know the …Show More
– Kirki

I just love Dr. Gordon Staff. I have had 3 visits and each visit he is joyful. He uses old school methods (which I love) and they are working for me. Very flexible guy.
– Star

Schroeder Chiropractic is much more than just a crack your back and send you out the door Chiropractor. Dr. Schroeder’s knowledge on how to treat the entire musculoskeletal system along with a friendly, flexible and inviting atmosphere will keep me coming back.
– Dan

Both Dr. Schroeder and Dr. Staff are skilled at figuring out the chiropractic or related problem.I have been going to this clinic for more than a decade, (a few years off, then back after injury or flare-ups) and find them to be extremely easy to work with, kind and caring and knowledgeable. They ex…Show More
– Kendall

Dr Schroeder is the very best. She’s a healer, above all. Professional, highly competent, caring. I have scoliosis and after a treatment, I always feel a few inches taller and better aligned.
– Sybil